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PreVal Spray Gun

PreVal Spray Gun Quantity in Basket: none
Price: $12.95

The Preval Spray Gun is the perfect solution for applying POR-15 coatings to small areas where control and quality of finish are important.

Each Preval Spray Gun comes with a modular power unit and refillable container jar with cap and will spray up to one pint of POR-15 coating.
For best results thinning may be required. Thin POR-15 Rust Preventive Coatings and High Temperature Coatings up to 5% with POR-15 Solvent only. When applying Glisten PC, Whitecote, and Hardnose Paints or any 2-part POR-15 coating, thin with up to 5% Xylene.

PreVal Spray Gun Clean Up Clean Up
Between coatings clean the unit by unscrewing the power unit from the container jar. Fill the cap with a small amount of solvent (either POR-15 Solvent or Xylene – see above). Insert the dip tube in the solvent and give the power button several short bursts. Do not reuse POR-15 coatings remaining in the container jar.

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